Crafting and bottling the best of Yucatecan flavors, for the people of Yucatan and for the world.


Casa D’Aristi produces craft liqueurs at its home in the heart of Yucatan, Mexico, in the beautiful city of Mérida. Since 1935, we have perfected recipes that highlight Mayan culture and Yucatecan fruits for those who appreciate tradition and unique flavors.


Our founder Don Carlos Aristi was born in Progreso, a small fisherman’s port, in 1916. He had a heart for adventure and flavor, and set off at age 19 to travel the peninsula in search of Mayan culture and history. It was then that he discovered a true gem: an ancestral Mayan beverage.

Upon his return to Merida and convinced of the potential of his discovery, he perfected his own recipe. And so D’Aristi Xtabentún was born, together with a small liquor business that Don Carlos and his brother built with the aim of preserving the traditions, culture and flavors of their land.

Since then, Casa D’Aristi has grown to develop a portfolio of artisanal liqueurs which represent the best flavors of Yucatan, all produced with care in our land. Our promise is to follow our founder’s legacy, preserving and sharing the treasures of the Mayab with the world.


Casa D’Aristi was the original creator of Xtabentún, honey and anise liqueur, almost 100 years ago. This perfectly balanced drink is the product of the fusion of Mayan and Spanish cultures. Originating in the traditional potion “balché”, a sacred beverage in Mayan ceremonies, our liqueur has transcended to new generations, always conserving its unique and original flavor.


Our portfolio of artisanal liqueurs represent the best of Yucatecan flavors, all produced at our historic hacienda using natural and local ingredients.

Calle 42 tablaje 14187 Xmatkuil,
97315 Mérida, Yuc., México
+52 999 943 0218

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